December 2nd , 2012 6:00 am 2 Comments

Your thoughts: Schools and lice


Lice are annoying, but are they a health risk? Research from national institutions – namely the American Academy of Pediatrics – shows that they are not. Therefore, AAP and other agencies are suggesting that schools abandon what is known as a “no-nit” policy, in the interest of keeping children from missing school. This no-nit policy, which is used by Carter County Schools (and the majority of school bodies in the United States), dictates that any child found to have head lice will be sent home, and must stay out of school until the problem is resolved. In light of a lice and bed bug scare at Keenburg Elementary last week, officials from Carter County Schools have discussed revising and updating the no-nit policy.

What are your thoughts? If you are a parent of an elementary student, or simply a concerned citizen, leave your comments and let your voice be added to the discussion.


2 Responses to Your thoughts: Schools and lice

  1. rebecca says:

    You are so kidding me. If a child had knits that means they still have lice and it can be spread to other children. R u kidding me cater county school. I guess this is another no child left behind. But at the effect of giving all the other kids and families lice, this would cause an epidemic that would not be able to be cured. Really. I do understand not wanting children to miss school, but this could cause more harm than good.

  2. william says:

    well said

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