Writer disagrees that Romney only choice for Christians

9:10 am | October 29, 2012

To the editor:

So, Christians can only vote for Mitt Romney? Thus according to Dan Nave’s recent letter to the editor?

Why would real Christians want to vote for a man who does not follow the principals of Jesus for the poor? Mitt Romney has said plainly that 47 percent of this nation’s people do not matter to him and if elected president he will not be “concerned” with them. Forty-seven percent! That is almost half of the entire population of this country! That includes the poor, the middle class, the students, the veterans, women and children! This only leaves the 53 percent considered by Mitt Romney to be in the upper tax brackets! That leaves out the teachers, the firemen, the civil workers, etc!

What Christian principal does that uphold? Also, he calls President Obama evil for ”funding abortions with government money.” Mitt Romney just this week announced that if elected, he will make no changes to the abortion laws! Yet, he was not called “evil.”

President Obama has repeatedly said he is a Christian, born again and that he prays every day! Yet Mr. Nave personally has questioned this in his comments. Christian principles do not allow us to judge another’s statement of faith! Only God can do that!

But, most troubling of all is his accusation that the drought and tornado was caused by President Obama! Did Bush cause Hurricane Katrina? Or the tsunami? Surely Mr. Nave did not mean this?

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have repeatedly told us that if elected they will do away with Social Security and Medicare as we know it. They have not deceived anyone with their plans. They also have repeatedly told us that they will continue the tax cuts for the wealthy. Mitt Romney himself only paid 13 percent of his income in taxes! While we, the average American, are required to pay 30 percent!

As for the Supreme Court appointments, do we want a Supreme Court that for the first time in American history went against the Constitution and appointed a president? They are bound to guidelines and not partisan decisions, and they overstepped it when they appointed Bush. What will a Republican Supreme Court do next that goes against the constitution? America is a democracy, not a monarchy where only rich men and their families can be president!

Voters yes, do pray before you vote, and educate yourself on the facts in this election and don’t be a sheep!

Karen Heaton, Elizabethton

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