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Winter wind scrambles mountaintop proclamation …


For the past several decades, local Christians who wanted to reaffirm their faith had but to look to the mountaintop.

Photo by Danny Davis
Since 1983, the sign that reads ‘Jesus is Lord’ has overlooked the city of Elizabethton. This past weekend, parts of the sign were torn down by strong winter winds.

Since the early 1980s, a sign proclaiming ‘Jesus is Lord’ has stood over the city of Elizabethton as a reminder for Christians throughout the area.

This past weekend, however, a combination of strong winds and aging trees tore down the first part of the sign, leaving an abbreviated message.’

Richard Brand, who had the notion to build the first sign in 1983, said he hopes to restore the message sometime this week.

“I can’t stand for it to be torn down like that,” Brand said. “That bugs me more than anybody else.”

The sign, which is the fourth to be placed on the mountainside, is made from plastic letters on metal siding. Brand said that, after a fierce wind knocked the sign down several years ago, he and his friends bolted it to some of the trees on the slope of the mountain. This time, he said, one of the trees couldn’t sustain the sign through the weekend’s wintery gale.

“That was a pretty hefty wind we had,” Brand said. “One of the trees had rotted, and then the sign fell over.”


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