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Williams: Health care, meth key issues


State Rep. Kent Williams updated Carter County commissioners on upcoming state legislation and issues Monday, focusing on health care changes and the state’s drug problems.

Photo By Brandon Hicks
Tennessee state Rep. Kent Williams talks to Carter County Commission Monday.

Williams said state leaders must decide whether to oversee the Affordable Health Care Act on the state level or let the federal government have control of the program for Tennesseans.

“My personal feeling is that the state can do a much better job than the federal government, but whatever the governor decides to do, I will support him,” Williams said.

“He has the staff and the knowledge to determine the issues, and whatever they decide is what I am going to go along with.

“They know a lot more about the health care program than I do. In the past, I have seen that the state does a much better job. There is a misconception that if we don’t do anything it will go away, and that is just not true. The health care program is here to stay, and we need to make the best of it. We have to roll up our sleeves and do what is best for the citizens of the community.”


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