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Weather puts a temporary freeze on roof project


The roofing project at the Carter County Courthouse Annex is moving along, but at a glacial pace during recent sub-zero temperatures.

Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey, Morristown Roofing and Reedy and Sykes representatives met Thursday at the Carter County Detention Center to discuss the project’s current status.

Morristown Roofing Field Supervisor Larry Melton said construction workers have been working on the roof as much as possible.

“We are a little behind, but we are still making progress,” Melton said. “The ballast removal is 100 percent complete. All the materials for the roof should be here and the fence removal is done.”

The amount of material to remove from the roof has made this roofing project more difficult than most.

“When we get all of this out of the way, it will move much quicker,” said Robert Reedy, project architect. “It’s just really slow right now.”


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