Unicoi GOP chairman throws support to Gray

8:47 am | October 10, 2012

To the editor:

It seemed for years like Unicoi County and Carter County always got the crumbs left over from Nashville.

I remember, and so do many of you, when Tennessee had a Democratic governor, Democratic lieutenant governor, a Democratic Senate and Democratic House. We were sending Republican representatives to Nashville with the usual results. Promises and crumbs left over from Democratic Middle and West Tennessee expenditures.

Finally, as Republicans took over more control in Tennessee, we started getting more state funds and state projects for Unicoi and Carter County. Today, we have a Republican governor, Republican lieutenant governor, who lives next door, a Republican Senate and a Republican House. Unicoi and Carter Counties’ day-to-day needs depend greatly on state funds and federal grants, which for the most part come through our state government in Nashville.

Unicoi and Carter counties by percentage are two of the top Republican counties in Tennessee. The last thing we need is a representative that has been kicked out of the Tennessee Republican Party, and further more, cannot caucus with either the Republican or Democratic Caucuses. That person is Kent Williams. Let us not take our counties back to getting crumbs from Nashville. We need a big piece of the pie. We need a conservative Republican, who has the pledged support for not only our Republican lieutenant governor, but Senate and House members already in Nashville, who are pulling for his election to represent us.

Vote and tell your friends there is only one Republican running to represent Unicoi and Carter counties, Thom Gray. We need a Republican to represent our Republican Unicoi and Carter counties in a Republican-controlled Nashville. We need Thom Gray as representative for the Fourth District. Why in the world would you not?

-Jim Buchanan, Chairman, Unicoi County Republican Party

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