Tragedies put sports in perspective

10:41 pm | December 15, 2012


ometimes sports is a diversion from a tragic event in our lives. Sometimes it just doesn’t mean anything at all.

One community locally experienced the diversion this week, while in Connecticut the only thing that mattered was almost 30 people were dead in a school shooting.

Tragedy and death affects us in different ways. Sometimes it inspires and other times the grief can last for days and days.

One place that is used to tragedy is Johnson County High School. Over the last decade, several terrible events have involved family members of JCHS athletes.

I have attended several funerals over the years in support of the kids who have had tragic events happen in their lives or unexpected deaths in their families.

I’ve also seen kids triumph in difficult circumstances during this time of grief, and sometimes it’s been on the athletic field.

It seems like the program at JCHS that has been affected the most is the boys basketball program.

I have never seen a program go through so much, but I also have not seen a program conquer as much as Johnson County.

No coach handles a tragedy better than JCHS head boys basketball coach Austin Atwood. When one of his players has a need, Atwood is always there for support.

Support was exactly what JCHS Basketball player Brian Dempsey needed last week.

Dempsey’s father passed away after a lengthy bout with cancer. I know for a fact that Dempsey was very much shaken up by his death.

However, he wasn’t shaken up enough to where he couldn’t honor his father.

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