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Traffic concerns raised as request for offices fails


An Elizabethton property owner will not get to convert his two rental properties at 210 and 212 Cottage Ave. into professional office space after the request failed to gain approval from the Elizabethton Board of Zoning Appeals during its meeting Thursday.

Gerald Krafsur first made the special request to use the homes as office spaces during the September meeting, but the request was deferred because Krafsur did not attend the meeting or submit plans for the property to the planning office.

Krafsur said he has owned the homes since 2006 and 2007 and has renovated them to bring them up to the current building code standards. The offices would have a parking lot in the rear of the building so there would be no on-street parking. The parking lot would be accessed by a shared driveway between the homes and the alleyway behind the buildings. Krafsur did not have any immediate tenants lined up for the buildings.


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