Talk’s focus: Speeding

10:09 am | January 8, 2013

Soon, Carter County drivers who speed through school zones might have more to worry about than an angry crossing guard.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Members of the Carter County Board of Education take notes as they listen to Lora Owens’ presentation on speed trailers Monday afternoon.

On Monday afternoon, the Carter County Board of Education began its workshop by listening to a presentation from Lora Owens of the Contego Group, which specializes in public safety technology.

Owens, a Carter County resident, hoped to persuade the board to allow the placement of a video recording device in the county’s various school zones.

“I think this would be really good for the school zones,” Owens said, “and it will bring in some revenue as well.”

The device is actually a manned trailer that would house a member of the sheriff’s department. Also, it would not be grounded to any one particular spot.

“It’s a mobile trailer that can be moved into any one of your school zones,” Owens said. “A couple of days you might have it in one spot, then you can move it to another.”

The trailer would record vehicles from the rear to effectively capture the license plate, and would not necessarily cite the driver.

“The person driving the car is not going to be the one who gets the ticket,” Owens said. “The owner of the vehicle is the one who will receive the violation.”

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