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T.A. Dugger preps for fall sports


The fall looks bright for T.A. Dugger Junior High School’s athletic programs.

Each fields enough talent to fare well in the Middle Eight Conference.

The volleyball, cross country and soccer teams are gearing up for success.

The Lady Junior Cyclones finished eighth in a 20-team pool play field last Saturday at East Tennessee State.

“Our varsity, we advanced most of our players to the high school,” Dugger coach Penny Nave said. “Our varsity only has two returning players, so the learning is fundamentals and transitions. Over the weekend at ETSU allowed us to see some of the transitions and fundamentals that we were missing.”

Porter Bradley, a standout seventh-grader, will likely be the top middle-school runner in the area.
After that, the status of the Cyclones is somewhat questionable — although the prospects are promising.

Tradition is there, although only four eighth-graders and two from the seventh-grade class are back.


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