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Stores prepare for back-to-school shoppers during sales tax holiday weekend


Photo by Danny Davis

Photo by Danny Davis
Burke’s Outlet employee Brandi Stanley stocks T-shirts in preparation for the upcoming sales tax holiday.

The first day of school is just around the corner, but parents are already getting their first break – thanks to the state’s annual sales tax-free holiday on back-to-school supplies.

The holiday began at 12:01 this morning and will last until 11:59 Sunday night.

Local merchants were prepared to greet extra shoppers during what could be one of the busiest shopping weekends of the summer. Drawing those shoppers in Carter County is the 9.75 cents they won’t be taxed on every dollar of qualifying purchases.

“We have been gearing up for the sales-tax weekend for the past couple of weeks,” said Misty Jones, supervisor at Burke’s Outlet. “We have put up yard signs and banners and have attached notes to the door to alert our customers to the sales tax holiday.”

Family Dollar Store manager Tammy Hopson said her store prepares for the sales tax holiday just as it would for any sale or special event.


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