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State comptroller audit leads to termination of drug task force employee


A report from the Tennessee Comptroller’s office says improper record keeping and possible missing funds led to the termination of an administrative assistant working for the First Judicial District Drug Task Force.

In an annual audit of each of the state’s 31 drug task forces, accountants found more than $2,000 in missing cash, mismanaged receipts for seized cash and property and potential discrepancies on time sheets in the accounts of the First District that were traced back to the former office worker.

The auditor notes $505 in cash seized by a drug agent during an operation on Jan. 25, 2012, could not be located by task force officials at the time of the inspection.

Another $1,690 shortage was traced to undocumented cash expenditures made after June 30.

The previous administrative assistant, who was not named in the report, was put on suspension on Jan. 11 and terminated a few weeks later.

View the Comptroller’s report here:

Drug Task Force Audits by ElizStarBaker


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