Stadium switch still leaves EHS projects over cap

10:00 am | October 11, 2013

The committee charged with sorting out costs for Elizabethton City Schools’ capital project had already realized the $5 million bond approved by city council wouldn’t cover all three phases of the plan.

After revising the proposal for an athletic complex at Elizabethton High School, the Elizabethton City Schools Capital Photo by Brandon HicksProjects Committee heard Thursday that the $5 million budget might not be enough to complete more than one phase.

Photo by Brandon HicksAssistant Superintendent Richard VanHuss presented the committee with revised plans for the stadium that brought the project back in line with the $3.8 million budget for the project.

He told the committee the athletic complex project as it had been presented had an estimated cost of $3.5 million for a stadium with 2,400 seats and no lights or scoreboards, and $4.9 million for a stadium with 3,500 seats, lights and scoreboards.

“We couldn’t build a proper stadium as it was presented without using all of the $5 million budget,” VanHuss said. “We feel that is the wrong avenue to take because it is not the best use of money.”

To get the athletic complex back in budget, the rubberized track was cut from the plans while keeping the option to install it at a later date. Removing the track lowered the estimated cost for the complex to $3.8 million for 3,500 seats, including lights, scoreboard and all other necessary components. The track had an estimated cost of $700,000.

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