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Sparks fly over Sams’ removal from budget committee


Questions over the representation for Carter County’s 7th district resulted in harsh words, and harsh allegations.

On Monday morning, commissioners Sonja Culler and Russell Kyte voted to remove fellow 7th-district commissioner Scott Sams from the county’s Budget Committee.

In Sams’ stead, the two commissioners voted to replace him with Culler.

Culler and Kyte cited Sams’ lack of communication and attendance as their motivation for seeking his removal from the committee.

“Mr. Sams has missed one-third of the meetings, and he never calls another district member to sit in,”

Culler said, after the meeting. “I have a concern that we’re not being recognized on the Budget Committee.”

“I don’t have one thing against Scott Sams,” Kyte said. “If he had called me or Sonja one time and asked us to fill in for him, this would have never been brought up.”


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