Snow yields a fastback and fins in Stoney Creek

11:35 am | February 7, 2013

Once sidewalks and driveways had been cleared from the weekend’s snow showers, amateur artists took to their front yards to create frozen wonders out of the fleeting medium.

In front of Bruce Killian’s home, a hotbed of blistering creativity yielded a cold fish.

Photo by Brandon HicksBruce Killian sculpted a snow fish in the front yard of his Stoney Creek home.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Bruce Killian sculpted a snow fish in the front yard of his Stoney Creek home.

He shaped the yard-long snow trout in a couple of hours and used food coloring to accentuate it.

Killian, a retired auto worker, said he took up snow sculpting as a hobby while in Michigan before he and his wife Nancy moved to Elizabethton 14 years ago.

He said that one of his snow creations there, a nine-foot cat, drew the attention of a photographer, and the photo was picked up by a wire service and published in other newspapers. And that, he noted, drew a letter from a cat lover in Ohio.

In typical big fish story fashion, he said the original fish built earlier in the week was much larger, but it fell over as the snow melted.

After the fresh powder fell, the home of Matthew Williams gained a new set of wheels, but its creator said he would have to be careful when burning rubber.

Williams densely packed an estimated two truckloads of snow and carved it into a life-sized replica of a 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang GT, popularly nicknamed “Eleanor” in the 2000 Nicolas Cage film “Gone in 60 Seconds.”

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