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Skydiving trip perfect way to celebrate life after battling cancer


Jumping from an airplane two miles in the sky and floating back to Earth is not a common celebration activity, but Kim Skydive-lady-B-4x5CJamerson wanted to mark the end of her battle with breast cancer in a big way.

Jamerson and friend Cherie Geagley marked the end of Jamerson’s breast cancer treatments with a trip to Dandridge, Tenn., for a skydiving expedition at the end of July. The two have been friends since they met at Happy Valley High School.

Skydive-lady-F-4x7C“I thought, ‘what a perfect way to commemorate me ending a very devastating part of my life,’ ” Jamerson said. “What’s more alive-feeling than jumping out of plane? It is something I had always wanted to do, but one of those things you never make a point to go do it. I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Something to get your heart racing, something big for the transition from a negative thing to a positive thing.”

Jamerson discovered she had Stage II breast cancer after a regular doctor’s appointment last year when she was 38. She asked her doctor if she should start having mammograms early, even though the new recommendation is for women to wait until they are 40 to start. Her doctor agreed to have a mammogram done, which uncovered cancer.

“They called back and said they saw something,” she said. “An ultrasound and biopsy later they told me I had Stage II Skydive-lady-E-4x7Cbreast cancer.”


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