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Sinkhole leads to break in sewer line, road woes


A sinkhole caused by an underground limestone formation caused a city sewer line to break in the East Side community,Photo by Danny Davis<br />
Sink hole on Abby Lane which led the road surface above it to give way.

Work crews worked late Tuesday night to repair damage caused by the cave-in on Abby Road. Utilities Director Johann Coetzee said the sinkhole was already there before the sewer line broke. He said soil shifting because of the sinkhole broke the line; water leaked into the hole and caused the road surface to collapse.

“It was a limestone formation cavity,” Coetzee said. “The line break did not cause the sinkhole. It was already there.”

Coetzee said the line was in good condition before the sinkhole caused the soil to shift and break the line. He said the line was installed in the 1940s and that it had a lifespan of 75-100 years.

“The lines are fairly durable,” he said.

Photo by Danny Davis<br />
Sink hole on Abby LaneCrews repaired the broken line and repaired the sinkhole. He said crews created a filter bag using stone and a non-woven geotextile. He said the filter bag keeps the soil surrounding it stable to prevent further sinkholes while allowing the underground water to flow where it needs to go.


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