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Silver ball at end of Hampton’s 1982-83 season


Traditionally an oasis in the desert of undistinguished play, Hampton had been getting sand-dune results as it neared the conclusion of the 1982-83 regular season.
By the end of postseason activity, coach Jerry White’s squad was just a few buckets short of wearing the Class A state basketball crown.
To put it another way, the Bulldogs mustered a startling run to the TSSAA’s championship contest in Nashville — where they dropped a 73-67 decision to East Robertson.
“We finished 15-12 in the regular season,” said star forward Leon Tolley. “We were afraid we were going to be a disappointment for Hampton because Coach White won 20 games a season forever. Coach White told us something that got our attention right before tournaments. He said, ‘Everybody starts out 0-0, and we’ve played 27 games up till now — and they’re all just glorified scrimmages.’


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