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Sign offers official Roan Mountain welcome


Photo by Brandon Hicks

Marci Berkhimer, Brian Tipton, Kelsey Tipton and Bill Watson worked to help the Roan Mountain Citizens Club refinish the new community sign.

Welcome to Roan Mountain.

Visitors are now being greeted by a new welcome sign, thanks to a community effort led by the Roan Mountain Citizens Club.

The Club collected donations and raised money to pay for the sign’s facelift.

“We were looking for a way to improve the aesthetics of our community,” said Bill Watson, Roan Mountain Citizens Club member. “This will give a good welcome for visitors to Roan Mountain.”

Citizens Club Public Relations Chair Kelsey Tipton said the community receives thousands of visitors each year, many who visit Roan Mountain State Park.

“This will help direct the visitors when they come in,” Tipton said. “It will also help them to know what is going on in Roan Mountain while they are here.”

Citizen Club member Brian Tipton said the club also wanted the sign to be a welcoming feature for visitors.

“This is our way of rolling out the red carpet,” Tipton said.


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