November 5th , 2012 12:58 pm 2 Comments

Sheriff says missing girl is now safe


A 12-year-girl was located Monday afternoon and is now “safe and sound.”

Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes said officers located Annabelle Sigman, 12, on Monday afternoon.

“We have her safe and sound,” Mathes said.

The girl was reported missing Friday morning by her father and step-mother. According to the family, she was not in bed on Friday morning.

Mathes said it appears to be a runaway case with custodial issues.

The missing person case has saturated social media sites, such as Facebook.




2 Responses to Sheriff says missing girl is now safe

  1. disqus_aPc0rOvO33 says:

    why would she run away does she get treated loving at her house if not then she ran away to find help

  2. visitor says:

    The good people of Elizabethton should not speculate or pass judgement unless they know the details of a case. A woman recently received harassing/threatening phone calls because of something she was charged with. She was found innocent but she suffered tremendously due to ‘good’ citizens who jumped to their own conclusions and made a rash judgement. Good child? Bad child? Good parents? Bad parents? We don’t know and therefore shouldn’t become judge and jury.

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