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Shattered tombstones break peace of Roan Mountain cemetery


Dayton Andrews lived for almost two hours after he was born on Nov. 19, 1965.

His mother and father, Claude and Orah Andrews, laid him to rest in Isaacs Cemetery off Buck Mountain Road in Roan Mountain, close to where Orah grew up.

Wanting to be closer to their son, the Andrewses commissioned the construction of their joint headstone and placed it next to Dayton’s.

Nearly 600 feet from the road, with no nearby buildings and only a single-lane gravel road leading to it, the cemetery Photo by Brandon Hicksepitomizes the notion of a peaceful resting place.

For the Andrews family, however, that peace has been shattered … literally.

On Sept. 7, Orah received a call from her sister telling her that both headstones – hers and Claude’s, and Dayton’s – had been smashed to pieces.

They quickly drove from their home in Elk Mills to the sleepy cemetery in Roan Mountain to get a firsthand view of the damage.

“It broke my heart,” Orah said. “Especially (seeing) the baby’s.”

After arriving and looking at the damage, Claude and Orah called the Carter County Sheriff’s Department, and Deputy Myles Cook was dispatched to survey the scene.


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