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Schools have no procedures in place for excessive homework


Q. Do Carter County and Elizabethton City Schools have a policy, guideline or recommendation on the amount of homework teachers should give students Monday-Friday and over the weekend? Some parents are of the opinion that homework at some schools has become excessive, leaving little time for students and families to spend quality time together on other matters. 

A. Ed Alexander, director of Elizabethton City Schools, said there is no specific board policy or administrative procedure that addresses homework. There is a board policy (5.502: “Complaints about School Personnel,”) which gives parents the opportunity to file complaints.

According to Alexander, if the complaint is not sufficiently addressed to the satisfaction of the students and parents, they should call him or a supervisor at the central office. If they receive no satisfaction, they may also fill out a Parental Complaint Form, found in the Administrative Procedure booklet, Alexander said.

The Carter County School System does not have a policy that specifies the amount of homework a teacher must give or not give, according to Dr. Kevin Ward, director of Carter County Schools. Homework complaints should be made with the individual school and addressed by the principal, who will discuss the complaint with the individual teacher, Ward said.


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