Recycling: One goal, two visions

7:39 am | December 16, 2012

Carter County officials agree that the county’s recycling program needs a boost.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Carter County Detention Center inmates Logan Bunten (left) and Andrew Smalls (right) load cardboard into a compactor. Cardboard is collected throughout the county once per week.

“We have a recycling program in its infancy,” said County Mayor Leon Humphrey. “The potential for our program is enormous, but it’s all contingent on the community buy-in.”

“We need something to sustain growth,” said County Commissioner Joel Street Sr. “The idea is to get more people involved.”

The program seems to be ripe for expansion, having exceeded its projected budget the past two years. Humphrey and Street believe community involvement would be crucial in spearheading that expansion.

It is with this belief, however, that their common ground ends.

Humphrey wants to reinvest all of the excess funds into the recycling program to support its infrastructure. Street, on the other hand, hopes to increase citizen participation by awarding county employees a share of the center’s revenues.

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