Reader expounds on rights of Christians

7:56 am | August 7, 2012


I reference the Star “OPINION” published 2 August 2012, with title “Christian rights being trampled.”

First, I applaud you/writer for stepping forward and voicing this opinion. Who would ever had thought that such an issue would affect the citizens of Carter County and surrounding counties like it has? Welcome to the real world!

The foundation of Christian rights have been chipped away a little at a time by minority, politicians and Supreme Court rulings. Thanks for such wonderful business people as the CEO of Chick-fil-A, who has stood up for his Christian rights. But, you know where this started? For you that are over 50 years old, answer this question, where were you on Sunday? Where was the majority of Americans on Sunday? Guess what day it was when Pearl Harbor was bombed? Why? The enemy knew we were resting or would be in church because this nation is a nation under GOD.

The Christian’s rights have largely been under attack since the ’60s. Just take a second and think. In our own county there was a suit brought against the county and school board involving the Children’s Bible Camp’s involvement in education. Where was the support by our churches, citizens and elected officials? “RUNNING AWAY,” “DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED,” “OH WE WILL GET SUED.” Since this is an election year for some offices, just look how Christian rights are used. When the candidate submits a bio for press or speaks in public, they will let you know in a heartbeat where they attend church on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Just look how the Supreme Court has changed from 40 years ago. Who would have ever thought that any Supreme Court Justice would yield a decision because of his political affiliation rather than render a decision based on the Constitution. Just think, in 1844 the Supreme Court signed into law for the Bible to be taught in school and, later gave a statement that every school should have the Bible in every classroom.

The downfall started with all of us citizens. The downfall of the family. Divorce rate at 50 percent. With that fact alone, who has been raising and who is raising our children today? The “FAMILY” was the backbone of this nation. Where is the family now? Until this nation realizes that this nation was founded and established under the laws of the oldest book known to mankind, “The BIBLE,” we will continue to go downhill. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts.


-Brad Johnson, Watauga

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