Rain-drenched summer didn’t hamper “Liberty!”

10:00 am | August 23, 2013

Even a rain-drenched summer couldn’t dampen the Revolutionary spirit.Photo by Brandon Hicks

Despite the county reaching its average annual rainfall total by mid-summer, Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area’s outdoor drama “Liberty! The Saga of Sycamore Shoals” stayed afloat during the traditional run the last three weekends of July.

Park Manager Jennifer Bauer declared the 2013 outdoor drama a success.

“Surprisingly, with all the rain we had, it was a really good season,” Bauer said. “We were able to complete eight of the nine shows. The ninth show was rained out at intermission. We had great audiences. It was a great season.”

The cast of Liberty! has close to 75 members, which includes those that do not have speaking parts. Dozens of volunteers provide support for the cast members and park employees as they prepare for the drama.

“It is quite an undertaking,” Bauer said of the drama. “We are fortunate there are so many volunteers that love this story so much. The volunteers and the staff dedicate a lot of their time to the drama. They do it for the love of the story and for the love of Sycamore Shoals.”

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