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Proposal could revive Elizabethton school capital plans


The Elizabethton City School system might be able to move forward with the next phase of capital plans if details of a new proposal can be worked out with the city of Elizabethton.

Photo by Brandon HicksElizabethton City MAnager Jerome Kitchens talks about the city schools' capital spending plans.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Elizabethton City MAnager Jerome Kitchens talks about the city schools’ capital spending plans.

The Elizabethton Board of Education approved a five-year capital improvement plan that includes a new athletic complex, a music and band room renovation and expansion at Elizabethton High School, a classroom expansion, home grandstand demolition and renovations to visitor grandstands at T.A. Dugger Junior High School and new ceilings and lighting for Harold McCormick Elementary.

The total cost for the proposed capital plans are about $9.9 million. School administrators have been working with the city to develop a funding plan for the projects.

Mayor Curt Alexander presented City Council with the idea the city could re-fund the $6.75 million bond that was taken out for the capital improvements the school system started in 2008.

Funding from the re-funding could be set aside to pay the first bond and the money from the half-cent cent sales tax increase would be used to pay for the new bond for the next round of projects.

“I am 100 percent behind this project if we can fund it with no property tax increase,” Alexander said. “This is a method to make it happen with no property tax needed.”


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