Projector contest continues for Stateline Drive-In

10:02 am | September 17, 2013

Stateline Drive-In has a second chance to win a digital projector from Honda’s Project Drive-In voting contest.

And that means “more waiting and more voting,” said Stateline Drive-In owner Andy Wetzel.

Wetzel said as soon as the fifth winner was announced on Sunday, he received an email from Honda about the voting period being extended.

“As soon as they announced the fifth winner, they sent that email out,” Wetzel said. “They got some more donations and they’ve been able to raise a little more money so they decided to go ahead and give away four more. Instead of the five, it’s going to be nine total now.”

Honda’s Project Drive-In aims to help theaters stay ahead of the looming switch from 35mm film to digital film. Many speculate film companies will cease distribution of 35mm film at the end of this year.

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