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Update: One in custody after reports of gunman near Hampton Elementary


One Elizabethton man is in custody and another two – a man and a woman – remain at large after a call went out over police frequencies of a gunman near Hampton Elementary School.

The suspect, 46-year-old Clinton Arley Campbell, 1003 Johnson Avenue, was apprehended on Crook Street, located behind the school, after authorities received calls of a man emerging from the bushes behind the school.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes told the STAR that no gun was found on Campbell, and that, as of yet, no evidence had presented itself to suggest that he was armed.

Hampton Elementary and Hampton High School were both placed in full security lockdown after the initial call went out. With Campbell in custody and authorities on the scene, the lockdowns were lifted.

Initial reports indicate that Campbell and two others were nearing a Tennessee Highway Patrol seat belt blitz in Hampton before running from authorities. Though Campbell was apprehended, authorities are still searching for the man and the woman.

State Trooper Greg Marlowe said Campbell, who submitted to a blood test, will be charged with suspected driving under the influence, evading arrest and failure to stop and frisk.

More charges against Campbell are possible as the Tennessee Highway Patrol handles the investigation. Marlowe said the names of the two suspects that remain at large are not being released at this time.


2 p.m.: The suspect in custody has been identified as 46-year-old Clinton Arley Campbell, 1003 Johnson Avenue, Elizabethton.

Authorities report that two other suspects are still at large. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is handling the investigation.


1:35 p.m. Sheriff Chris Mathes said that just one suspect was in custody after it was reported that a gunman was spotted near Hampton Elementary.

The suspect was apprehended on Crook Street behind the elementary school after calls came in reporting that he emerged from some bushes.

Reports indicate that the suspect and two others fled from a Tennessee Highway Patrol seatbelt blitz. Though initial reports suggested that the other two – a man and a woman – had been detained at Subway at 4953 U.S. Highway 19E, Mathes said that the only one in custody was the man apprehended on Crook Street.

Mathes added that, though the initial call suggested that there was a gunman near the elementary school, no evidence to support that claim had emerged.

The security lockdowns at the elementary and at Hampton High School have been lifted.

More on this story as it develops.


1:17 p.m. Authorities have another suspect in custody. The man, who was described as shirtless, was captured on Crook Street in Hampton near the elementary school.


1:11 p.m.: Authorities are reporting that one suspect is in custody, though additional calls made from inside Hampton Elementary suggest another subject was spotted on the road behind the school.


Update: Police are reporting that the suspected gunman and two others are in Subway at  4953 U.S. Highway 19E in Hampton. Authorities believe that two men and a woman fled the traffic stop.


On Friday afternoon, the call went out over emergency frequencies that a man with a gun was sighted near Hampton Elementary.

Early reports suggest the reported gunman and as many as two others fled their vehicle after being stopped by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

An employee with Carter County Schools confirmed that both Hampton Elementary and Hampton High School have initiated security lockdowns.

More on this story as develops.


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