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Parking plan opens door for new assisted living facility


The Elizabethton Regional Planning Commission’s approval of a shared-parking agreement paves the way for Elizabethton’s first assisted living facility.

The commission approved an agreement allowing Medical Care LLC to share its parking lot with the future assisted living facility, owned by John Sheehan.

Sheehan also owns Hillview Health Center and Hermitage Health Center.

Hillview Administrator Josh Cannon said the assisted living facility would be a 46-bed center. There would be 36 beds in the general assisted living area and 10 in the memory care center.

The memory care center would focus on patients with memory issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The center will be on the parcel next to the Medical Care office building. Because Medical Care has a large parking space, Sheehan discussed with Medical Care officials the possibility of sharing the parking lot. The assisted living facility would add some parking spaces of its own to the development.

“Mr. Sheehan has been working on this for two years,” Cannon said. “He has been looking for an appropriate location.”


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