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Outdoor life: Archery season underway for deer hunting


By Curtis Carden

Get the arrows, slay the deer, good ol’ hunting season’s here.

With the temps dropping and fall season upon us, Saturday marked the beginning of archery season for deer hunting, which brings nothing but joy during this time of the year.

One of my good friends who hunts, ex-Bulldog Cody Madden, and myself actually discussed this recently, and while some people have different places that suit their fancy — Cody’s is on Buck Mountain.

The opportunity has given him a chance to nab one of his best kills during the season, a 10-pointer, a couple of years back.

I know I’m looking forward on hitting the outdoors and getting back into the hunting situation.

Once the leaves begin to change and the change of pace hits the area, it brings back solid memories of my first hunting trip.

I begged my Dad to take me once. I loved the outdoors, but I was also in the phase of playing video games constantly, 24/7.

We all have nerdy streaks in our life, don’t jude.

So there I was, going out in the woods with my Dad, age 10, with my bright orange vest. Roaming around. Having a blast.

I had no luck at all. But needless to say, it was something that I’ll be able to look back in my history and smile.

Hunting may bring out the fun and competive side, but you can’t beat spending it with your family or friends.

Do you have any special hunting stories to share? Throughout all of the hunting season, the Outdoor Life is always looking forward to spotlighting the outdoorsman/woman at heart in the area.


The University of Tennessee-Martin will have some fun for the amphibian lover at heart.

The university will host the 18th Annual Tennessee Herpetological Society meeting Sept. 27 through the 29th.

On-site registration is available on Sept. 27 at noon. The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in amphibians or reptiles. The keynote speaker is Dr. John Placyk Jr. from the University of Texas at Tyler.

A field trip is scheduled to the Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge and will begin Friday evening and continue on Saturday. To register for the meeting, visit www. The cost is $25 for professionals and $10 for students. For those planning on attending the field trip at UTM’s Reelfoot Lake Environmental Field Station, the cost is $10 per person.


For any of the new hunters at the outdoor scene, be sure to take all the safety precautions necessary before entering into your first time in to the hunting world.

Always be sure to surf the web for TWRA Region 4 and to pick up any a TWRA Hunting Guide sold at local area shops in northeast Tennessee.


Curtis Carden is the sportswriter at The Erwin Record. For questions or comments, he can be reached at 


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