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Officials huddle with vendor on possible approach to stadium


Photo by Brandon Hicks

ATG Sports President Matt Smith, right, shows city councilmen Richard Tester and Bill Carter, Elizabethton Board of Education Chairperson Rita Booher and Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander turf samples for what could be placed in the future possible athletic complex.

The Elizabethton City School system is starting to explore options for their capital construction plans after City Council voted to start bond proceedings to fund the construction.

The school system hosted Matt Smith, president of ATG Sports in Kansas, to give a presentation to school and city leaders about what services his company could provide if the ECS selected it to build the possible new athletic complex at Elizabethton High School.

City Mayor Curt Alexander told the system about ATG Sports after doing online research into the cost of a new stadium and asked that the system administrators meet with the company to discuss their plans. The company advertises being able to construct a multi-use sports facility in the $2 million range versus the $5 million to $6 million estimate the school system had originally been given.

Smith said the company specializes in multi-use sports facilities that can be used by physical education classes, sports teams, band, cheerleading squads and community members. He said the company took care of construction from “the back of the bleachers to the back of the bleachers,” which includes the bleachers, track, artificial turf, lighting, scoreboard, press box and concession stands.


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