New school year brings five new principals at Carter County schools

10:00 am | July 10, 2013

When the students of Carter County Schools return to class on Aug. 12, some of the faces there to greet them might not be familiar.

Five schools in the CCS system will have six new principals leading them into the 2014 school year.

Assistant Director of Schools Peggy Campbell, who also works as director of personnel, said the schools’ administrative retooling wasn’t in response to an incident, but rather, was “just some reorganization.”

“No one did anything illegal, or anything like that,” Campbell said. “It’s just like in the classroom. We change teaching positions every year at schools. Sometimes it’s requested, sometimes we make that decision.”

According to Campbell, the decisions made by Director of Schools Kevin Ward were made in an effort to strengthen the school system, not to punish last year’s principals.

“Dr. Ward is just trying to do what is best for our school system,” Campbell said. “Sometimes someone is a better fit in a different area. Sometimes you need change.”

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