Nate helps cartoonist fulfill ‘Big’ dreams

10:00 am | May 13, 2013

Lincoln Peirce had one simple goal — he wanted to get a comic strip published in his parents’ hometown newspaper.
Peirce accomplished that a long time ago, and his comic strip, “Big Nate,” is now published in more than 300 newspapers, including the Elizabethton STAR.

Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce

“I still get excited to see my strip in a newspaper alongside the work of others I admire,” Peirce said in a recent interview with the STAR.

Nate is an 11-year-old boy who’s not unlike boys everywhere — except he’s a superstar of America’s comic pages, alongside classics like “Peanuts” and “Garfield.” It’s a place that seems right in line with Peirce’s life philosophy.

“I’m kind of an old-fashioned person,” he said, “and one thing that appeals to me — in comics and in other forms of entertainment, too — is a sense of timelessness. I think the very best comic strips could exist in any era, because what makes them so good isn’t their topicality, or the fact that they reference current events or modern technology. They’re good because the characters are compelling, the writing is crisp, and the jokes are funny.

“When a cartoonist creates that feeling of timelessness, and does so without lapsing into nostalgia or sentiment, I always find that appealing. So it’s something I aspire to in my own strip.”

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