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Motorists file $6 million lawsuit over Bluff City traffic cameras


BLUFF CITY (AP) — Motorists are suing Bluff City for $6 million over its traffic cameras.

Chris Cawood and Jonathan Proffitt claim the city and Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions Inc. are conspiring to violate the federal Fair Debt Collections Act, state law and city ordinances, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The suit seeks class action status and accuses defendants of affixing an illegal $40 administrative fee to traffic camera fines and threatening criminal prosecution and driver’s license suspension if the money is not paid.

It also alleges the city created a speed trap near the cameras.

Bluff City and American Traffic Solutions have until Oct. 27 to file a response. Neither Paul Frye, who represents Bluff City, nor Crews Townsend, who represents American Traffic, responded to requests for comment by the newspaper.


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