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Monument Committee still plans to hold centennial celebration


Despite some unforeseen setbacks, the county’s “Monument Committee” continues to plan for the upcoming centennial for Photo by Brandon Hicksthe Veterans Monument in downtown Elizabethton.

On Thursday afternoon, the committee discussed everything from the event’s itinerary to the actual set up of things like transportation, participation, and a stage.

With the event scheduled for Oct. 12, that leaves the committee with 50 days to finish planning the event. According to County Historian Scott Bowers, who serves as the committee’s de facto chairman, limited participation has, to this point, stalled efforts to complete the planning.

“We’ve had to wait,” Bowers said. “I was working with … some people who were working on the Fourth of July project. If they hadn’t been involved in the Fourth of July parade, this thing probably would have already been hammered down.”

Bowers also cited illness as another cause for the delay in the plan’s proceedings.


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