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Mayor’s veto prompts special session to discuss budget


The County Commission isn’t waiting long to address what might have been the first mayoral veto of a proposed budget.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
County Mayor Leon Humphrey hopes that the county commission will make several changes to next year’s budget during its specially called meeting Friday morning.

On Friday morning, the commission will meet in a special called session to address next year’s budget, which was vetoed last Thursday by County Mayor Leon Humphrey.

Commissioners could override Humphrey’s veto by a simple majority vote, or the veto will stand and commissioners will agree on a new tax rate, or a new budget, or both.

A third possibility is that the commission could pass a continuing resolution, which would extend last year’s budget to operate the county while the commissioners continued to work on next year’s budget.

During the commission’s meeting on July 15, County Attorney Keith Bowers cautioned against a continuing resolution for fear that the commission would violate a state law which requires the county to submit a budget by the end of July.

After Humphrey’s veto, however, Bowers said he felt the county’s obligation to that law had been met because the commission had approved a budget.


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