August 15th , 2012 9:58 am 2 Comments

Maryland couple commend animal shelter workers



Thanks to the Elizabethton STAR, we found a new furry family member last week. We live in Maryland and often stay in Roan Mountain. We enjoy the paper whenever we visit your area.

I wanted to comment on the work of the gals at the animal shelter. Both April and Wendy do a tough job with good attitudes. The demands of their job are stressful, and they see the dark side of people and animals that are in great need. Everyone needs appreciation for a job well done. Please support them and a much needed new shelter.

We named our li’l pup Tennessee Traveler, or Trav for short! He’s making our life happier. Thanks, April and Wendy! Doggie kisses from Trav!

-Tom and Julie Poe, Maryland


2 Responses to Maryland couple commend animal shelter workers

  1. Stacey Reed says:

    Congrats on your new pup, may he bring you much joy! I really hope though that you filled out an adoption form and he left the shelter neutered before you took him home. Good shelter policy goes hand in hand with good shelter employees.

  2. when i went they would not give me a leash to take a dog home then tried to keep the collier

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