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Long off to promising start in MMA


Photo by Danny Davis
Dustin Long has won four belts as an amateur MMA fighter.

JOHNSON CITY — Have no doubts about it, Dustin Long is on the rise in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.
He has just encountered a recent detour. His scheduled opponent this Saturday night in Pigeon Forge has cancelled.
That would have been Long’s professional debut after compiling an amateur record of 7-1 the past year, when he has captured four belts.
“I’ve just had bad luck with my first pro fight,” the former Happy Valley basketball star said on Tuesday night before a workout at Tuco O Tapa. “Right now my coach is just trying to find me a fight, anywhere. If I’ve got to take another amateur fight, I’ll do it.
“I haven’t fought in six months, but he’s looking for me a pro fight. But if an amateur one pops up, I’ll take it.”


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