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Life Lessons: Practice The Presence


How well do you see and hear–airplanes? Our oldest son lives in Nashville and airplanes fly over his house on a regular basis. When he first moved there, he noticed them almost every time they flew over. If he didn’t see them he would hear them. If he didn’t hear them he would see them. The airplanes were fascinating to him, and he saw and heard them continually!

But after a while, he stopped seeing them, or even hearing them. They became invisible and mute to him. Of course this didn’t happen just to him, it happens to most everyone. Yes, they are still flying all around them, but few seem to notice or care about them anymore. And if they do notice them, they are often considered an annoyance.

But it hasn’t happened to me–at least not yet! I suppose airplanes are hardwired into my consciousness after many years of studying them, flying them, watching them, even listening to them. And even though I don’t fly them much anymore, it doesn’t seem to matter. Pretty much every time I see an airplane fly over, or anytime I hear that unique sound, I pay attention. In fact when I don’t see or hear them, something doesn’t seem right to me.

As I was flying recently I was watching what was going on below me. Cities passed beneath me, cars crawled along the tiny ribbons of road below me. People went on about their normal business–the vast majority of them never realizing that someone was watching them from above.

Of course no one cares if I’m that someone watching them! But, everyone should care that The SomeOne who never misses anything is watching them! He watches our every move, hears our every word, knows our every thought; and the vast majority of us ignore His omniscient omnipresence.

Unless we have trained ourselves in studying Him, talking with Him, and walking with Him, He will become invisible and mute to us. But when we make Him a priority in our lives, He becomes hardwired into our conscience and we can’t help but see and hear Him everywhere! We begin to see the smallest movement of His shadow and to hear the faintest of His whispers. After all, our Maker cannot, nor should not be ignored!

Seen or heard God fly over lately? You can be sure that He has! Don’t let Him become unimportant, or even a nuisance to you. Practice sensing His omniscient omnipresence! Bruce Hendrich is pastor at

Oak Street Baptist Church 804 Oak Street • Elizabethon, TN 37643 • 423.542.4022 • oakstreetbaptist.net 


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