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Life Lessons: Just Twenty Seconds


About a year ago, “We Bought A Zoo” splashed upon the big screen. The film stars Matt Damon who buys a dilapidated zoo, and Scarlett Johansson who attempts to manage it. I was slow to check out this film, but I was sorry that I had waited so long to see it! While the film may not be a block-buster, it is heart-warming and appropriate for families. But it’s greatest gift to me was the concept that is championed throughout the movie; “all it takes for great things to happen is twenty seconds of courage!”

I had never heard of this formula, but I immediately began to ponder its trustworthiness. Before long I decided to try it and I was astounded by the results that came from just “twenty seconds of courage!” While those twenty seconds were scary, the fear factor quickly faded away and the positive results lasted so much longer!

There are so many examples of the veracity of this simple principle! Like asking someone out for a date, or stopping to help someone in need, or telling someone you are sorry, or writing a check to a worthwhile cause, to name a few.

Try it for yourself! The next time you realize you are afraid to do something, just remember that it generally takes only “twenty seconds of courage” to put your fears behind you and to embark upon a journey with great potential for good!

I wonder if there is a parallel concept in our walk with God. It may take just twenty seconds of courage to step out of our comfort zone to be more obedient to God’s commands! We can be so afraid of God’s will for our lives that we won’t even make an attempt to be obedient! But when we embrace twenty seconds of courage, we will often find that the subsequent seconds are far more manageable than we thought possible. God seems to respond with everything else we may need! And best of all, what is better for us than growing in our obedience to our wise and loving Heavenly Father?

Take sharing our faith as an example. I have repeatedly found that after the first twenty seconds, the words come so much easier to me. I hate to think of how many wonderful opportunities to witness I have missed just because I didn’t invest “twenty seconds of courage” to get me over the hump!

Twenty second moments have the potential to change someone’s life and eternal destiny! Twenty seconds. These small investments can yield huge returns; and the risk is small compared to the potential benefits! Twenty seconds can change your life; even our world! The next time you are faced with an opportunity to obey God’s prompting, be ready with twenty seconds of courage! The results may rock our world!

Bruce Hendrich is pastor at Oak Street Baptist Church 804 Oak Street • Elizabethon, TN 3764 


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