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Lawmakers expect surprises, infighting



State legislators gearing up for the commencement of the 108th General Assembly on Tuesday said they expect controversial votes statewide, but hope to close on some local projects this year.

Rep. Kent Williams, heading into his fourth term in the House of Representatives, said he expects a “tremendous amount of infighting” this year among his fellow legislators.

“In the past, it’s been Republicans against Democrats,” Williams, a member of the independent Carter County Republican Party, said Friday. “With the gains the Republicans made in the last election, we’re probably going to see more Republican against Republican this year.”

He said the upcoming bills most likely to capture the public’s attention will deal with familiar topics: wine in grocery stores, school security and guns in trunks.

Williams also said Gov. Bill Haslam’s budget proposal, likely to be released in the third or fourth week of January, will garner a fair amount of the legislators’ time and attention.


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