Landfill cash flow woes put into focus: ‘We’re out of money’

10:00 am | January 11, 2013

In an effort to dispose of some spending and save money, the Carter County Landfill Committee opened bids from four waste disposal companies Thursday morning.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Landfill Director Benny Lyons reviews waste disposal bids during the Landfill Committee meeting Thursday morning.

Landfill Director Benny Lyons highlighted the department’s financial woes with his update on the construction of the Little Milligan Convenience Center.

“We have the fence up, the gates up, the pits put in for boxes, and we’re out of money,” Lyons said. “We’re going to be waiting for a while.”

Elaborating on Lyons’ statement, Finance Director Ingrid Deloach confirmed the county’s cash flow is seriously limited.

“When Benny says we’re out of money, that’s what he means,” Deloach said. “Lots of times we focus on budget. If there’s money in the budget, we think we’re good. With the landfill, we are within budget, however our cash flow is restricted right now.”

With the budget and cash flow in mind, the committee heard the multiple bids in an attempt to reduce costs.

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