Lady Bucs’ Brumit blows past Walters in singles

10:56 am | March 7, 2012

JOHNSON CITY—Monday night the Western Carolina basketball team led all the sports shows with the double-overtime classic against Davidson, but on the tennis courts Tuesday, it was East Tennessee State’s Jessica Brumit who had all the highlights against the Lady Catamounts.

The former Elizabethton High School standout and state singles finalist won 6-0, 6-0 in her singles match with Sarah Walters Tuesday afternoon for her 11th victory in 17 starts as a collegiate tennis player.

Brumit dominated in what was very reminiscent of some of her high school matches.

“I think I played well today and as a team I think everyone is doing pretty good,” she said. “We’re focused on every point and play every point our hardest.”

With the second best record on the team playing from around No. 4 to No. 6 in the lineup, the adjustment from high school tennis where she was better than most players around here seems to be going very smoothly.

“It’s been going really well,” Brumit said. “I’ve been trying to fight my hardest and work as hard as I can in practice and try to improve my game in so many different ways.

“Everybody hits the ball really deep and at first that was hard to adjust to because the ball is coming to you faster and everybody is quicker — so the points are longer and it’s a lot more physical than in high school matches or even junior matches.

Brumit has adjusted off the court as well by carrying a 4.0 G.P.A.

“To me academics are really important because after four years I will probably be done with tennis so they go hand in hand,” she said. “I want to do well in school. Any free time I get, I try to study.”

The days of 6-0, 6-0 wins for Brumit are pretty much over, but Tuesday was a rare exception. Many girls in the area will probably see that score and see that they lost to a pretty good player over the last few years.

For Brumit, it was nice to be able to accomplish something so special in college.

“Every match is as important as the others,” Brumit said. “We’ve already had several difficult matches. I’ve won some of them pretty close and lost some of them I could have won. It’s just getting more matches in and learning how to play the tough points well.”

Also winning for the Lady Bucs were Paula Jaime, Giulia Andreazza and Karina Kedzo. Jaime and Marine Wieliczko combined for a doubles victory, as did Kedzo and Kelsey Williams.

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