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Kelly making mark at Milligan


Kayla Kelly is the leading scorer for the Milligan Lady Buffs Basketball Team, and her school sports year is only just beginning.

Not only is Kelly the team leader for a Milligan squad that is currently undefeated in the conference, but the Chattanooga area product’s best sport is still to come as she is part of the Kelly family tennis dynasty at Milligan that includes currently her sister, Ahmee Kelly.

At a school where the two-sport athlete pretty much disappeared about 10 years ago, Kelly has defied the odds and has shown that you can balance two sports and get a quality education.


Unfortunately in the age we live in, the multi-sport athlete is pretty much a thing of the past, even at the high school level.

There are coaches who are pulling kids into one direction and the kids feel they have to choose between sports they love.

While at Chattanooga Arts and Sciences, Kelly was recruited for two sports, tennis and basketball. Her athletic ability was just too good for Milligan to pass up and both Ryan Reynolds and Rich Aubrey have benefited greatly from her services.


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