Keith Hart speaks to Julius Dugger DAR

8:46 am | November 26, 2012

The Julius Dugger Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution heard Keith Hart give a fascinating program Nov. 10 at the Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library. Hart’s program explored the topic, “Family Memories of Carter County Patriots.”

Following the Rituals led by Lois Shults and Rebecca Plumer, Secretary Martha Query gave the President General’s Message honoring Dolly Madison, Ethan Ellen and the immigrants who entered the United States through Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, about 500,000, in early America.

In the absence of Mary Lou Wetzel, the secretary gave a National Defense report based on Billy Graham’s appeal for all Christians to become involved in the voting process and to pray and vote for people who uphold traditional American values, based on Biblical truth: pro-family, pro-life, freedom of faith and freedom of expression. Dr. Graham says that our best national defense is to take a stand against the immorality raging throughout the land.

Susan James gave a quick introduction to Squantos.

Martha Query read the minutes from the last meeting and Lois Shults gave the treasurer’s report; both were accepted.

Committee reports came from Dora Kinser, who told about the DAR Good Citizenship applications, and Susan James, who told about trying to get applications for new memberships.

Old business came from Secretary Martha Query, who told of responding to Elizabeth Kurth, who wants to become an associate of the Dugger Chapter.

New business came from Sylvia Jean Cook Potter, who had received her membership certificate from the National and was welcomed into the Dugger Chapter. Amber Anne Plumer had also received her membership certificate but was unable to attend the meeting.

Riola Hopkins was introduced as a new prospect who will probably enter through the number of an aunt who once belonged to the chapter.

Shirley Harrison is waiting for an application.

New business: Martha Query asked whether members wanted to contact Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes about using his crew to clean the cemetery off Fitzsimmons Hill Road, ancestral place for Benjamin Drake and family.

The Julius Dugger Chapter luncheon will be held Saturday, Dec. 1, at The Coffee Company. Everyone is asked to take an antique Christmas card for a show-and-tell party.

On Jan. 12, at 10 a.m., the meeting will be back at the Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library. Members and guests are welcome.

—Submitted by Martha Bunton Query, secretary 

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