Jr. Warriors rush past Unaka

6:14 am | August 21, 2013

Unaka’s youth and inexperience were no match for Happy Valley and Brayden Sams on Tuesday night at Goddard Field. The Warriors cruised to a 30-0 victory, but a lot of things didn’t sit well for their head coach, Caleb Moore.

He was referencing to a pair of long touchdown runs and one more large gainer that got called back to infractions. A couple of flags were thrown well behind the play and on the opposite end of the field.

“This is our first game and it was hard to evaluate who did what,” said Moore. “But what wasn’t acceptable were the outlandishly number of penalties by us. It was just simple things and our guys didn’t use their heads. It just infuriates me. We’re going to start taking guys out when this happens because you can’t do it in big games and win. I’ll guarantee you that we won’t be able to do it against T.A. Dugger on Thursday. They’re hunting for us and everybody knows it. We’ll have to play well the whole game or they’ll take advantage of us.”

The difference maker in the game was crafty running of Sams.

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