Jo Voigt indulges some Easter ‘egg-stravagance’ when decorating for spring holiday

3:43 pm | April 1, 2013


It’s fair to say that Jo Voigt enjoys going to “egg-stremes” to celebrate Easter each year.

“Rabbits multiply,” Voigt quipped as she gave a tour of her Carter County home, which is decorated for Easter with hundreds of bunny figurines, as well as multi-colored eggs and cute duck figures.

Voigt, who enjoys decorating for different holidays, fills the home she shares with husband, Pete, with eggs, bunnies, baskets, ducks and other memorabilia every spring for the Easter holiday.

“I must have more than a thousand items in my collection,” Voigt said.

She can pick up any item in her collection and provide amusing, informative anecdotes about its origins.
Some of the items in her collection date back to her childhood.

“I still have a couple of bunnies I got when I was 11,” she said.

Bunny rabbits are merely one aspect of the Easter theme. Eggs, fashioned from substances ranging from wood and plastic to marble and quartz, form the bulk of her Easter collection. Plenty of wicker baskets and duck figurines are tucked into different nooks and crannies throughout her home.

Now that friends and family members know of Voigt’s penchant for these Easter items, she receives many items as gifts.

During travels with her husband, she also enjoys shopping for additions to her extensive collection.
She remembers with pinpoint accuracy where and when she acquired almost every item in her collection.
Some came home with her after travels to such destinations as Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia and Texas.

“Wherever I am, when I see them, I get them,” she added.

She has eggs in her collection that hail from such distant parts of the globe as Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Africa.

She has also crafted some of the unique pieces in her collection.

“I have painted and crocheted some of the eggs,” Voigt said.

She has also created several eggs through the art of decoupage, which is basically decorating an object by adhering colored paper cutouts onto it.

In addition, she has made many of the ceramic ducks, eggs and rabbits in her collection.

She also has real eggs in her collection, including eggs from such birds as ostrich, emu, goose, chicken, duck and turkey.

A couple of the emu eggs were painted by Patsy Reading, an Erwin artist and a member of the Watauga Valley Art League.

The Easter eggs in her collection are made from a variety of substances, including rock, marble, ivory, ceramic, china, quartz, plaster, crystal, glass, wood and mother-of-pearl.

Two eggs with a special place in her collection were made by her two sons, Tim and Craig, when they were boys attending Sunday School. Her sons are now 46 and 42, respectively.

“I also own some that were owned by my mother and by Pete’s aunt,” Voigt said.

Some of the more intricate eggs in her collection are examples of cloisonné, which is a style of enamel decoration in which the enamel is applied and fired in raised cells, which are bordered by soldered wires, on a usually metal background.

From the bathrooms and bedrooms to the living room, dining room and kitchen, no area of Voigt’s home goes untouched. Her decorating even extends outside to her front yard.

Voigt decorates for three other holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Once Easter has passed, she will pack the rabbits, baskets, eggs and ducks into storage crates until next spring.
She will replace them by decorating her home with pewter items and swan figurines.

Photos by Bryan StevensJo Voigt and some of the items in her extensive Easter collection.

Photos by Bryan Stevens
Jo Voigt and some of the items in her extensive Easter collection.

“She’s very organized, even in packing everything away,” said her husband, Pete.

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