Imagination Library hopes to boost participation

10:00 am | January 10, 2014

Imagine there’s more readers: Carter County Imagination Library board members want to go beyond imagining; they want to increase enrollment in the program during the upcoming year.

The CCIL has a registration rate of 61.8 percent of eligible children in Carter County, one of the highest registration rates in the area. However, board chair Lilo Duncan said Theresa Carl, the president of the Books from Birth Foundation, had sent a letter asking the group to focus on increasing enrollment.

Duncan pointed out that the CCIL had the second-highest enrollment rate in East Tennessee, coming in behind Greeneville, which has a participation rate of close to 75 percent.

She said one of the areas where enrollment was down was with families that moved into or out of the county and did not submit a change of address form.

Board member Joyce White said another area to focus on was families with multiple children.

“Some will register their first child and not register their others,” White said. “It is important that all children be registered because there are different books. It is important for them to have their own books, even if it is twins. They will get the same book but each will have their own.”

Duncan agreed: “The Imagination Library is there to provide books for all,” she said. “The books are free. Even if it is twins, three children in a family, every child needs their own books and should not have to share.”


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