Humphrey says he won’t oppose landfill control change

8:25 am | April 22, 2013

After the state voted in favor of reassigning powers within the county’s government, local officials are now waiting for the bill’s return to Carter County.

Photo by Brandon Hicks- County Mayor Leon Humphrey made a plea to the budget committee to not raise taxes. “We need to reinvent and rethink the way we do business in Carter County. We have operated at a loss for the last two to three years. I am making an urgent appeal to not approve a property tax increase.”

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey initially vetoed the resolution giving the county’s Landfill Committee authority over the landfill, but said he will not attempt any further action to reverse it.


Tennessee’s House of Representatives and Senate unanimously voted last week to approve a private act that would transfer supervision of the Carter County Landfill from the county mayor’s office to the county’s Landfill Committee.

Once the act has been signed by Gov. Bill Haslam, it will return to be voted on by the County Commission. If it is approved, it will officially become law.

While the resolution will need to be approved again, in the past, the will of the commission has shone favorably on it.

When it was introduced at the Jan. 22 meeting, it was approved by a vote of 17-5. Then, at the Feb. 19 commission meeting, it was approved again, this time by a vote of 13-7, after County Mayor Leon Humphrey vetoed the resolution.

“I did the initial veto to give the commissioners an opportunity to rethink their actions,” Humphrey said. “I wanted them to think about the precedent they were setting. You cannot manage effectively by committee.”

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