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Humphrey, Bowers exchange sharp words over agenda


After months of what appeared to be civil discourse, County Mayor Leon Humphrey and County Commission Chairman Tom Bowers again found themselves at odds during Monday morning’s commission meeting.

The disagreement arose when, during the county mayor’s report, Humphrey asked commissioners to make a motion calling for the passage of a resolution that would ask the state legislature to nullify any new federal restrictions on gun ownership.

At that point, Bowers, who creates the commission’s agenda, said making that motion would be out of order.

“This was not placed on the agenda,” Bowers said. “You did not forward it to me to be put on the agenda. Only items that are on the agenda, especially a resolution, will be considered.”

Humphrey argued the point with Bowers, saying that any motion could be brought up at any time, regardless of its presence on the agenda.

“If any of these commissioners choose to make that motion from the floor, you cannot stop them,” Humphrey said.
“You’re operating totally outside your zone of neutrality. It’s not for you to dictate policy.”

Bowers said that, while he did not want to influence policy, placing a resolution on the agenda would allow for broader discussion.

“A resolution is a worthwhile thing to be put on the agenda, because it will bring some comments,” Bowers said.

Eventually, a motion was made and the resolution passed by a vote of 16-2. Its passing did not, however, put an end to the debate over the agenda.


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